Are you looking to start a meal kit business to serve your local population but need a software solution to meet its very unique needs? Or do you already have a meal kit business but want to boost its reach and productivity with robust and proven software technology?

Then Ready Kit Go Solutions can help! Ready Kit Go is a software and meal kit service company based in Madison, Wisconsin and we offer fully-integrated, customizable, and over-the-cloud software designed specifically to run a meal kit business. Our software is tried, tested, live, and can give your business a competitive edge against the national big box services. No need to spend tens of thousands of dollars (or more!) for a custom-developed software solution - we already did that! With Ready Kit Go, you will not only receive world-class meal kit software that rivals the big national brands offerings, but you will also join a coalition of other Ready Kit Go meal kit businesses to learn from, collaborate, and grow with.



Here are just some of the technologies built into every Ready Kit Go Solutions implementation:



Ready Kit Go delivers a customized website for your business with your own branding, logo, and personalization in minutes! Customers can easily sign up for your meal kit service, choose from a variety of meal plans, and select their weekly meals. There will also be a fully-integrated iOS and Android app.


Ready Kit Go includes native two-way integration with PCI compliant credit card processing vendor Stripe. Customers can submit and update their credit card on file with confidence. Weekly bulk-customer charging is a breeze.


Ready Kit Go includes a state-of-the-art recipe builder with discrete ingredient linking, allowing you to create easy and error-free recipe cards every time. Features include step-by-step photos, automatic calorie summation, and embedded instructional videos. Customers can follow your recipes directly from your website or mobile app, or from a printed version. As a Ready Kit Go customer, you will also have access to hundreds of recipes from other Ready Kit Go organizations.


Ready Kit Go summarizes your weekly orders down to individual ingredient needs to make food and supply ordering and customer meal kit fulfillment efficient. Customer allergen analysis will help satisfy custom orders, and label printing functionality will guide prep work.


Ready Kit Go includes localized delivery management technologies to help guide weekly delivery route assignment and makes customer deliveries run smoothly and efficiently. The delivery driver module assists drivers through their routes directly on their mobile devices. Customers receive delivery confirmation text messages and emails automatically.


With Ready Kit Go, you have access to a variety of your business branded marketing materials out of the box - including flyers, mailers, and bulk email sending. Embed your social media links and handlers in your software, emails, and printed handouts with minimal effort.


Ready Kit Go allows you to dive into your metrics, KPIs, and business health. Trend customer acquisition, sales, and orders over time.


Ready Kit Go offers revenue and tax automatic calculations, as well as expenses tracking.


With Ready Kit Go, you will not only join a coalition of other local meal kit businesses to collaborate with, share recipes with, and grow with, but you will receive outstanding support, and have a development team available to continually enhance and optimize your software system. After all, we are more than just a software business, we run a meal kit operation, too!



Contact us today to schedule a call or demo to see how you can benefit from Ready Kit Go technologies.


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